The beauty of having a well-decorated bridal shop is that it can encourage and inspire the bride to be more excited about her wedding day. Although it is essential to have a huge array of merchandise to suit various sizes and styles, it is the décor that attracts the attention of customers, as it makes them feel welcome when looking at and trying on the dresses. Basically, as long as you make the ambiance relaxing, the bride and her guests will feel comfortable and will be dying to spend some time and money in your shop.

Here are things that you can do to decorate your bridal shop.


Clearing Out the Windows

You need to drape some curtains on the side of the windows and try to scallop the valance on top. If possible, do not block the windows, as it can be used to shout out to passersby. Just select colors that should be pleasing to the eyes, which include pastels. You can use the same materials for your dressing room doorways, if you are not using solid colors.


Highlighting the Bridal Shop

You can do this by painting the ceilings and walls to provide the shop with relaxing ambiance. Thus, you must select a solid and soothing color, such as beige or cream in order to make those dresses the highlight of your shop. Using wallpaper can also function well, but you need to select a monochromatic print, which includes white flowers on top of a cream background.

Getting a Clear Angle of the Bride with Mirrors

Mounting some oversized mirrors is always a good thing to provide a good view when the bride tries the gowns. If possible, you can mount mirrors at certain angles to provide multiple views when fitting.


Making Your Shop Appear Professional and Upscale

You can fill those empty walls with glass shelves that would feature tiaras, garters, and veils or even framed portraits of famous brides or bridal posters that would feature some famed designers. Personal items should be avoided if you want to make it look professional and upscale.


Enlivening the Ceiling

You can just suspend decorative chandeliers as well as soft-textured lighting from your ceiling. Otherwise, you can also hang sconces along the walls to serve as the main light for your shop. Likewise, you can put some small table lamps within the main show area where the entourage will wait for the bride.


Using Upholstered Furniture Near Dressing Rooms

Upholstered benches or chairs should work near the dressing room areas. You can use small rounded coffee tables or small end tables near seating areas. When draping tablecloths over tables, make sure that they match the curtains around the shop to provide a uniform look.


Putting Floral Decors Around the Shop

You can set out some fake or real floral displays around the shop. This can be set on tables where your main checkout counter is located. You may set this up near the dressing rooms because flowers are known to soften the tone of the shop area, contrasting the lightness of the curtains and walls.


Displaying the Latest Gown Designs

It is your responsibility to attract the new brides by displaying gowns for your business. You can do this by getting the mannequins on the center or by the window or by the dressing room. Wooden mannequins can add some warm feel, while metallic ones would create a modern look to the gown. If possible, try to variate the displays regularly so as to keep interest in your bridal shop.

Final Thoughts

Take note that you can also consider various sets of curtains to match each new season. This will make the shop look fresh and new every time. However, that you should do only if your budget allows it.

Meanwhile, you should keep your store clean at all times. Make sure that it is dust-free and up-to-date. So, even with all the money that you spend on your bridal shop, it doesn’t matter if you don’t put effort on tidying up every once in a while.

Remember that you are getting customers to stay inside your shop long enough to make a purchase. Thus, your responsibility is to keep them comfortable. Brides should try on some heavy wedding dresses, which should also be a time-consuming and uncomfortable process. Therefore, you must make them feel pampered by placing some benches, couches, and chairs around strategic areas of your shop.

It is indeed an emotional experience as well as a major expense for many brides to buy a wedding dress. Thus, you must make them feel secure and calm by decorating the surroundings with the right accent and shade. Remember, this could make or break the future of your bridal shop, so doing your best is required for this venture.