Stepping into the fine trade of carpentry can be challenging.

Finding the equipment that suits you, whilst maintaining a budget and collecting clients, can be a strenuous task. But there are some things that every tradesperson can’t do without.

Collecting the appropriate power tools for you could take years, or you could strike gold and keep the same equipment for your career. This all depends on your particular style of work, as well as the needs of the client.

The best way to make money is to maintain a loyal set of clients that appreciate your work and trust you to do the job at hand as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Here a few that you should collect if you haven’t done so already…

  • The Drill

The cornerstone of each and every operation, the power drill is often considered the item everyone buys and therefore must be chosen wisely.

Purchasing your drill depends on three big factors – budget, frequency of use and personal preference.

There’s simply no point forking out a huge fee straightaway if you have a tight budget.

Carpenters like to experiment all the time with equipment, and everything always revolves around the job at hand.

Start out by finding your rhythm with a really basic drill. You can find a huge collection online or in stores across the UK, and you can pick up exactly what you desire for around the £100 mark.

  • Contact Adhesive

You may have created the perfect kitchen, left the house and think the job is done. But when a call from an angry client comes in saying everything has fallen apart, you’ll be kicking yourself.

It’s essential to use a sought-after contact adhesive to ensure that all your handy work stays exactly the way you left it for a very long time.

Using a product from a reputable provider like Tensor will do the trick. With a lifetime guarantee, high temperature resistance and minimal cleaning, it’s an essential for any carpenter.

  •  Power Jointer

A simple table saw with a good surface would be fine, but first impressions are very important in this business.

A power jointer allows you to produce real quality for your clients.

This piece of equipment is certainly an investment, but similar to a power drill, you can start off small and work your way up. ScrewFix have a very good selection on offer – make sure you ask an expert if you’re not sure.

Having these three items in the back of the van will ensure your customer gets the quality they deserve.

Can you think of any essential tools for today’s busy carpenter? Then let us know in the comments below.