You might spend more time picking the perfect cushions than considering home security measures when revamping your home.

But with the latest England and Wales figures showing a 10 per cent rise in police recorded crime, including burglary, it might be time to reassess your priorities.

Stealing security tips from some of the world’s most high-profile homes may help you make your mind up about what areas to prioritise.

So here are four home security hacks from the rich and famous.

Bollards and barriers

If you have an expansive property with an exposed entrance for public guests, bollards and barriers might be a wise investment.

And you’d be in good company — the Queen recently had bright yellow barriers installed at the front of Buckingham Palace to protect the royal residence from vehicular terrorist attacks.

But the same methods could be used by criminals intent on ram-raiding their way through the front entrance of your property.

So if you want to stay super safe in a sprawling property, a robust barrier system could definitely deter uninvited guests.

Bulletproof windows

If gun crime concerns you, then protecting your home and family by fitting bulletproof windows might be a smart move.

The White House is one famous property with this security feature.

Heavily armed guards also patrol the grounds — but the cherry on the cake is a team of snipers permanently positioned on the roof.

Hiring your own bespoke team of armed guards might seem like overkill — but you can certainly purchase bulletproof window glass from firms like Architectural Armour.

Panic room

A panic room might be the ultimate investment for keeping your family safe and stashing away your most prized possessions.

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin have reportedly built just such a bolt-hole in their Berkshire mansion — and apparently it’s both fire-proof and bombproof.

So should the celebrity couple ever be subjected to a home invasion, they can hide in their safe-room, monitor activities through security cameras and alert emergency services.

A firm like durasteel can advise on the best blast proof doors and fire protection systems to bolster your own property.


Once you’ve fitted all of the aforementioned features in your home you should feel much safer.

But if you’re still gnawing your fingernails, perhaps taking the plunge and purchasing a helicopter is the only answer.

If you have the requisite space for a helipad, coughing up for a chopper provides the ultimate escape route from mortal danger and firms like Heli Air can find you the ideal new or used model.

So if you’ve got a substantial home security budget, these four home security hacks from the rich and famous should keep you safe and sound.

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