Some parents-to-be follow the philosophy that a new baby isn’t overly-aware of its home surroundings, so it’s not vitally important that their nursery is ready for them arriving.

But for others, creating a calm, cosy and clean space for a newborn is part and parcel of making them instantly feel at home as a treasured new family member.

If you fall into the latter category, you might be scratching around for ideas like a chicken looking for seeds.

Keep cool — preparing your nest for a new arrival is child’s play with these five simple nursery decor tips.

  1. Bedside crib

Bedside cribs are a brilliant idea for babies from zero to six months old — especially for mums who plan to breastfeed.

But even bottle-fed infants need to be close to their parents so that they can be closely observed throughout the night.

If you’re convinced, investing in a SnuzPod that straps securely to your bed frame is wise — this well-designed crib has a zip-down wall for access, a detachable bassinet, a reflux incline feature and a rocking stand.

  1. Wall stickers

If you don’t possess Michelangelo-level painting prowess, your attempt at a cute giraffe might be more reminiscent of an aggressive anteater.

But buying wonderful wall stickers can help you add unique design touches like trees, rabbits and rainbows — without having to hire a professional painter.

Companies like Decowall have a super selection of designs to suit any size of room.

  1. Child-friendly paint

Before you get busy with artistic stickers or stencils, you’ll need a base colour that’s attractive but not too bold — otherwise you’ll want to redecorate a year down the line.

Blue and pink are traditional colours for boys or girls, but unisex shades like yellow or even grey are currently popular.

And don’t forget that choosing child-friendly products from a supplier like Lakeland Paints ensures that there are no harmful solvents or heavy metals present.

  1. Bamboo flooring

Carpets are first choice for some parents considering nursery flooring — but while they facilitate safe crawling and feel warm, they can harbor dust mites that play havoc with allergies.

However, bamboo is an eco-friendly alternative to laminate and is also more durable than hardwood, so it’s a prime choice for children’s spaces.

Bamboo Family has a wide choice of flooring products in fab finishes like walnut, light oak and nutwood — look online and decide if bamboo balances beauty with practicality for your purposes.

  1. Floor mats

Newborns are vulnerable to infections — so although relatives will be keen to cuddle them, it’s safer if they wash their hands with anti-bacterial wipes beforehand.

But germs also enter the home borne on the feet of guests and family members, so this is a time when tough internal and external mats are essential for wiping away damaging dirt.

Buying floor mats from a specialist firm like Kleen-Tex provides peace of mind — their products are technically sound and look terrific.

Follow these five simple nursery decor tips and your little bundle of joy will instantly feel safe, secure and contented.

Do you have any nursery decorating tips? Share them in the comments section.