Luxury apartment in Miami Beach, Florida

Oct 3, 2013 by

The property, ideally placed in the environment, has got almost 290 square meters of living space, give yourself to the enjoyment of the guests, who can bask in an elegant and functional place, where the glitz is at home.

Miami Beach in Florida Apartment

Miami Beach in Florida Apartment

The three bedrooms and the main living room is a showcase of its beauty, which emerges at all levels, in a graphic light canvas and well balanced in its elements, to give a plot of valuable life, done with taste in the performance graph.

Sharp, modern and refined, the concept of space covered vocabulary is expressed with clean and engaging, without complicating elements which would compromise the execution of the design theme.

This house looks so beautiful on the bay and is part of a residence full of amenities, facilities and services with opulent, ranging from the pool to the spa, through the personal service and more, for a great sensory benefit of the owner, of his family members and any guests.

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