Millennials are individuals born from in 1980 up to the early 2000s. They are often referred to as Generation Y and known to be global, enterprising and driven. The first millennials are perhaps in their mid-30s today. Given their traits and practices, it might be interesting to know their take about home design. Here are some tips on millennial design:

Open Layout

Millennials are people on the go, belonging mostly to the corporate world or starting as entrepreneurs. Being the busy bodies they are, they want a home that is not compartmentalized and one that has open floor plans and flowing. This is because they have a network of friends and entertaining them at home is important to them. The open layout gives them more space to move around.


Home Office

They have the entrepreneurial spirit and often want to have a space in their homes where they can work and at the same time be able to juggle between career and their personal lives. This is why incorporating a home office will be interesting for a millennial in search of investing in property.



Millennials have been exposed to technology and gadgets since they were born which makes it important for them to have a place that supports their being techie and yet not be too cluttered with gadgets and wirings. They prefer a home where they can keep their laptops and electronics and at the same time access them easily. This can be seen in their furniture pieces that have several functions like an office desk that can be folded or numerous power outlets in different areas of the house.


Space and Automation

Young people today go for practical solutions like storage spaces in the home instead of a larger floor area. They also prefer a home that complements their high-tech lifestyle. Having said this, it is important for them to have smart homes with remote controlled heating system, green appliances and automated lighting.