Stairs take up a lot of space, and it can get frustrating, especially when you’re dealing with small floor space at home. But did you know that there so many cool things you can do with that under-the-stair space? Not so many people figured this out, but shelves and storage under staircase is the best way to use that area underneath stairs. Here are some creative tricks you can do at home:

Computer Workstation/Home Office


A wide and straightforward stairs will provide you adequate space for a table and some small shelves. A desktop computer or a laptop will fit in there without any problem, allowing you to create a computer workstation or mini home office under your stairs. There are two types of arrangement you can use. The first one is where is where your shelves and table are facing the wall, and the other is where they are positioned perpendicular to the stairs and you sit facing the wall. Both ideas focus on maximizing space under stairs as much as possible. You can choose to have a sliding door mounted to minimize distractions.

Hallway Storage Area

The hallway is one of the busiest areas in the house with family members passing through it from all over the place every day. To make the most of that space under the staircase near the hallway, convert it into a storage space for stuff and things that has to be available at any moment hand. Let us say, a section for hanging coats, umbrellas, baseball caps, shoes, school bags, and so on. You can choose to have it open for easy access or have it closed with big doors to keep your hallway looking neat and organized.


Book Shelves

Have you ever thought about making a bookshelf under your staircase? Yes, the space under your living room stairs is also a perfect place to store your favorite books. With just a little makeover, you can transform this corner into a cozy reading nook!