The year is about to end and this is the best time to clean the house and start the new year with a more organised and warmer home. If you have no budget for a major remodeling project, there are still other ways to beautify your home for less.

Here are some tips on preparing your house for another year:

Spruce up the garden.

If you have a garden, you can cut the branches that are blocking the view from the window as well as add more plants to beautify your garden. A climbing vine looks great by the entrance and if you have picket fences, you might want to repaint them so they will have a new look. Also, you can be more creative by painting the front door with vibrant colours, such as red or yellow, if it fits the theme of your home.



Perhaps you have been planning to dispose of your old clothes but just haven not found time to do it. Well, this is your chance to finally clean your wardrobe. If you have clothes you think have to go, you can donate them to charitable institutions so they can give it to people who will have use for it. Not only will you be able to help, but also, you will have more space in your wardrobe and find it easier to decide on what to wear.

Re-arrange furniture.

You can have a more appealing living room without having to change your furniture or add furnishings to your home. By just cleaning the house, adding some plants and re-arranging the furniture, you can give your home a new look.


Preparing your home for a new year need not push you to spend too much time and money. By sparing a few hours on weekends, you can improve your home’s interior and exterior and make it more appealing. This way, you can start the year with organization and positivity.