Planning a DIY home decorating project need not be expensive. With upcycling, you can transform your house into an environment-friendly and cool home for less. Here are some tips and tricks to upcycling old and vintage furniture pieces.

  1. Spend almost nothing.

One of the purposes of upcycling is to save money. How do you do this? Start from home. Check your house for items you can throw away but instead of doing so, turn them into something else. Spray a new paint and throw in some creativity on an old furniture or appliance like an old refrigerator you can transform into a shoe cabinet. Or convert that old phone into a clock. There are numerous ideas you can come up with.


  1. Apply your handyman skills.

Do you have an old television enclosed in wooden box? By removing the television, you can repaint it to blend your other furniture pieces and turn it into a console. Do you have an old meat grinder? Clean it and remove the rust build-up. Use it as a base and turn it into a lampshade. Perhaps you have an old lampshade you can revamp.


  1. De-clutter the creative way.

Instead of throwing books you are done reading, make floating bookshelves out of them. Buy brackets from the local hardware and screw the other end on the cover of that hardbound book. Screw the other end of the bracket on the wall and use the old book as a base and arrange your other books one after the other. Aside from removing the clutter in your home, you are also honing your creative skills.

So, before you throw your old stuff away, think of how you can repurpose them. Not only will be able to acquire a new hobby, you also make your home more beautiful at a minimal cost.