Not many people know the significance of proper sizing and designing in creating and ideal bathroom. Some homeowners feel cramped and unsatisfied with their space even if they initially allocated half a bedroom size for this part of the house, while others make the most out of a rather skimpy corner without feeling suffocated.

Bathroom Sizes

For full bathroom size, dimensions are five feet wide and eight feet long. This is ideal for creating single plumbed wall wherein all the fixtures are set along one compact source of pipes, drains, and ventilation. This is the most efficient way of arranging bathroom fixtures.

Those with limited space can go for six by six feet bathroom and the layout is in L-design where the tub or shower is on the opposite corner of the door, the toilet bowl opposite to the sink. This maximizes the space for rudimentary bathroom activities, but leaves very little for storage and other decors.


For half bathrooms, sizes are normally five by four feet to as little as five by three feet. Due to the very limited space, only a sink and a toilet bowl may fit inside. In some Asian countries, however, they add a faucet or showerhead to make it into a full bathroom.

Bathroom Layout

For good measure, and if space were not a problem, the toilet bowl needs to rest on the floor with equal clearance on both sides (total span of 40 inches), and a front clearance of 20-30 inches to provide ample legroom.

The tub must be fitted in a corner with a front clearance as big as the tub itself (about 30 inches) for ease of movement. A minimum of 21 inches is required for front clearance. The controls must be within reach whether the user is inside or outside the tub.


Clearances for the sink are the same as that of the tub, although corner sinks and double sinks may require slightly different measurements. For the shower, a clearance of 24-30 inches is required for ease of movement. Cramped spaces benefit from shower curtains or sliding doors.

Electrical fixtures must be at least three feet away from water sources. The ideal distance is five feet.  The standard door size for bathroom is 32 inches, but a 28-inch wide door may suffice for smaller frames.