Even the thought of redecorating your home can be overwhelming. There’s too much to consider and more work to be done. But if you need a quick fix into your dwelling, there are lots of options to do so. Here are some of the easiest decorating tips you should know:

Display a Favorite Collection

Use an old wooden dining table to display a prized collection of Chinaware or antique tea sets in your living room. It can dramatically show off your prized possessions while doubling as a spare dining table on other occasions.

Mix and Match Things Up in Your Bedroom

The key here is to pick pieces that will create a unified look. For example, you can choose patterns that will make your bed look like it’s a collection of memorabilia from your holiday in France or Morocco. Then, add trinkets and décor items that complement the whole bedroom theme you are aiming for.


Add a Vintage Touch in Each Room

You don’t need to go all out on a rustic motif if you don’t feel like it. But you can add a vintage flair to one or all of the rooms in your home to give it that cozy cottage charm. For example, you can have a stained console table in the living room or a DIYed headboard made of salvaged shutters.

Make a Wall of Plates

What better way to decorate a dining area than a wall of plates? You can use old plates or buy those cheap ones in thrift shops. Have different sizes of porcelain or ceramic plates and paint them with shades of blue, purple, gray or whatever color you prefer. Arrange them in a way that makes them look like one big piece of art.


Move Living Room Set Away from the Walls

By moving seating away from your living room walls, you create a more intimate scene. This is what designers are recommending nowadays as this arrangement encourages interaction.