An urban life can be exciting and stressful at the same time. This is why having your own sanctuary after a long day can be refreshing. And with the hustle and bustle in the city, creating one can be a tall order. Not if you make your own urban garden. And this can even be inexpensive.

Here are some ideas you might find useful:


Mind your space.


City living sometimes leave you with little space to work on. If you happen to live in the roof top or penthouse and there is an open space, you can turn it into a garden. Potted flowering plants are perfect for this. And if you are into recycling and upcycling, you can use old milk cans and paint them to make them colorful. Just poke some holes at the bottom to give way for water. If the area is really small, you can also opt for hanging plants. Old plastic bottles can also be used as planters.

Choose your plants.


There are many plant seeds available from the supermarket or grocery store which you can grow at home. Tomatoes are great indoor plants and are not hard to take care of. Watering is at least thrice a week and exposing them at least 12 hours a day will suffice. Mints are also a breeze to take care of as well as organic herbs you can also use as spices for cooking. All they need is some TLC, water and sunlight.

Know your container options.


There are many ways to grow your plants. Aside from plastic bottles and tires, you can use shoe boxes, tin cans, pots, bamboos, your old boots or anything where you can put soil on it. There are also commercially available products like garbage bags and sacks. Palettes used for freights as well as crates can also be plant holders and boxes.

Turning a small space into an urban garden is a cheap and effective way to create your sanctuary at home.