Besides their beauty and versatility, tile floors have the advantage of being very low maintenance. Mud, liquid spills, and chemicals and the like can be easily wiped out. These floors are impervious to the elements, making them very easy and affordable to maintain.

However, just because they are resilient to dirt does not mean that you can just relax on their upkeep.  One of the most important aspects of keeping your tile floors clean and beautiful through the years is making sure that dirt and spills do not have a chance to settle, especially in the grout area. So, make it a point to clean dirt and spills before they even have a have a chance to get ‘comfortable’ on your floors. Here are three easy steps to keep your tile floors clean.

  1. Sweep or vacuum daily


Regular maintenance is essential. It is the quickest and most effective step in keeping your tile floor free of dirt and dust which can turn into a hard-to-remove grime when allowed to sit in wet areas.

Sweeping or vacuuming the floor is important before mopping in order to keep dirt from sticking and spreading.

  1. Mop with warm water

Using water along is enough to keep your tile floors looking great, particularly when there are no stains that require heavy cleaning. Running a clean mop soak in warm water will eliminate the dust and dirt left from vacuuming.

You can also choose to add a cup of white vinegar in the water. This mixture can effectively remove odor, especially pet odor which can stubbornly linger on the floor.


  1. Dry the floor after mopping

 While the floor will just eventually dry out, it is ideal to wipe it with dry clothes or dry mop after wet mopping. Doing so will prevent dirt from quickly accumulating on the wet surface and staining the grout.