At the end of a long and tiring day, many of us would just like to go home and relax. If you have a great and soothing bathroom waiting for you, where you can prepare a warm and calming bath, wouldn’t that be the best? Well, quit dreaming about having such a space because you can transform your bathroom into the haven you desire. Here’s how.

Clean, Organize, Repair


Clutter or dirt anywhere in the house not only causes stress, they are unhealthy as well. In the bathroom you will typically have to deal with soap and water stains, possible formation of molds in corners, and darkened tile grout. All these can make your bathroom look like a dump and not relaxing at all. So clean the space as much as possible, remove any mess, and repair anything broken as well because busted pipes and a malfunctioning shower are a headache.

Paint with Soothing Colors

Since the main goal is to achieve a calming space, it is recommended to paint your bathroom with hues such as light blue, green, mild yellow or neutrals – anything that can help drain your tension at the end of the day. Make sure to use odorless and nontoxic paints and do let a professional help if you don’t have the time to do this on your own.


Use Relaxing Smells

The bathroom is a great place to enjoy some aromatherapy. Chamomile and, scents are especially great in the bathroom. You can use scented candles or essential oils and a diffuser. Aside from that, you can make it a point to buy bath products with calming scents.

By employing these techniques, you will soon have a space that will become your oasis after a long and tiring day. You deserve a special place where you can de-stress, so start improving your bathroom today.