Some families have too many pictures they want to show off to guests. That’s why they keep buying picture frames of all sizes to display their most prized photos of loved ones and sceneries. But over time, these frames could look old and outdated. That’s why most of them end up in dumpsters.

But did you know that you could actually give your old picture frames a new lease on life? You can by repurposing them. Check out some cool ideas on how to decorate your home with repurposed frames.


Brag about your Instagram photos. You need an old square or rectangular frame, floral wire, glue stick ad clips. Print out your favorite IG pictures. Take out the backing board and glass of the frame. Cut the wire according to the width of frame, and then, glue them in. Then, clip your photos one by one.

Decorate your kitchen with old silverware. If you have old silverware that you don’t want to throw away, you can use them as a unique kitchen decoration. Use an old frame with borders with an intricate design. Paint the frame with white, as well as the silverware. Use a piece of plain cloth or upholstery as a backing material. Then, mount the frame on the wall.

Display your to-do list. This one is the easiest. You just need to glue in any piece of paper with a nice pattern on it on the back of the frame. You can paint the frame with a new color, or leave it as it is. You can then use a whiteboard marker to write your to-do list.


Serve delicious desserts with it. A larger frame would be perfect for the job. Spray paint the frame if you like. Leave the glass on, but stick any paper with a pretty pattern on the backing board. Then, use it to serve snacks or desserts.

With these ingenious ideas, you’ll have lots of fun with your old frames at home.