There are some homeowners who prefer buying used furniture and items in the home over investing in new ones because of the benefits that come with the using recycled furniture. We have also heard about reclaimed wood and building materials being used in construction because they also cost lesser than new building materials. Other than these things, another practice of home owners and builders that is becoming increasingly popular is repurposing. This is done by using an existing furniture, clothing or decoration and combining it with a new one to create a new purpose for it, say, transforming an old phone into a lamp or clock.


What are the benefits of repurposing?

Waste Reduction

Today, plastic bottles can be repurposed as building materials that are durable and cheaper. They can be converted into bricks by mixing sand and cement and filling up the bottles with these materials. If not recycled or repurposed, these bottles become waste materials and end up in landfills. When these materials or say, existing furniture is reused, there is no need to throw them away. Moreover, there is no need to manufacture a new piece that also results to waste materials.



When furniture is repurposed, no trees need to be cut in order to make a new one. In effect, natural resources such as trees and fuel will not be used anymore. Furniture can last for a long time, all the more when it is repurposed and repaired.


Hobby Cultivation

Apart from saving the environment and our natural resources, repurposing is also a way to distress because it can be a hobby for any individual. Moreover, it brings out the creativity in a person. For some, this can also be a source of income, given the increase in number of people interested in it such as artists, hobbyists and pickers.

Perhaps you have a vintage phone or a meat grinder at home. You might want to repurpose them into a clock or lamp. There are ideas you can get from the internet.