If you are planning to remodel your bathroom and update it to the latest trend, then here are some of the best design ideas that you can incorporate into your project.

White Subway Tiles

The classic white subway tiles never go out of style, as they can be matched up with almost any look. You can make them as a base to create a casual industrial style or pair them up with traditional furnishings to get a timeless look. They are best used with dark-coloured grout, especially in a bathroom, as it would get stained with soap residue and mould.


Smart Storage Solutions

When it is possible, you should take advantage of any vertical space and take the cabinet up the wall. If this is not an option, you can incorporate some interesting pieces of furniture, such as antiques. You can also go for open shelving, which is still a popular trend, at the same time practical, in bathrooms of today.

Easy-to-Use Features

For very practical reasons, showers without thresholds—along with properly installed toilets, faucets and vanities—are becoming popular these days. While these showers are easier to clean, they can also make the bathroom feel more spacious. If possible, you can tear out a built-in bathtub to create a bathtub/shower wet room combination. You can also go for floating vanities, as they can be easily customized and would look more like a piece of art in your bathroom.


Mediterranean Themes

By incorporating ancient Mediterranean-style components in your bathroom, you would be allowing the glitz to meet the Old-World style. For example, tiles with this style will make a space look elegant and charming, especially when they are combined with modern metallics or hand-painted terra cotta. So, when you are revamping your bathroom to feel new and trendy, you can make use of the ideas mentioned above.