It might be so challenging to keep your home well-organized with only a limited space all around. Well, the key here is on how you redecorate and rearrange your interior. In fact, with just a few tricks, you will be able to get things done just like a pro.

Add a Sofa Table

Most of the time, living rooms with small spaces are dominated by couches. If this is what you see in your own living room, then you need to add a sofa table behind it. This can be a useful option for putting lamps, some extra storage, and some plants. This move should multiply your surface space.

sofa table

Slim Shelves

If you think that a book case is just bulky enough, try to use props by putting books on the pieces of molding. This can work by cutting it to any length that should be narrow enough to be used as storage space to keep an entire library that you can put behind the door.

Magic Mirror

If you seldom use a workspace or a nook for quick meals, you need to innovate it to a version that you can hide from others. A table can be used in this corner but you should make it foldable so that when you don’t find a need to eat, you can fold it up resembling a mirror on the wall.


There are many things that you can do if you just have the materials and the knowledge to do so. It might even be a very economical option if you want to maximize the space you have at home without spending a fortune. So before doing a total makeover of your place, try to focus on corners that are often overlooked.