Cleaning your own toilet at home should never be a gross experience if you know how to do it properly. Basically, it has a lot to do with cleaning agents. Perhaps you often disregard reading the labels on the back of these items before using them. So, here are a few homemade cleaning materials that you can use so that you can manage cleaning your toilet without feeling disappointed about it.


Power of White Vinegar

The wonders of using vinegar as cleaning agent have been widely-known all over the world. This is because of its characteristic as a mild acid. Most of all it can disinfect and eliminate odors without harming the environment.

Borax or Sodium Tetraborate

Some people may have the wrong impression that it is boric acid, which is a toxic chemical. On the contrary, this is actually sodium tetraborate, which is only as toxic as any baking soda or table salt when used in huge quantities. Basically, borax is a good multipurpose cleanser that will whiten, deodorize, and remove certain stains on your toilet bowl.


Citric Acid in Lemon Juice

Another great cleaning agent is citric acid, which can be found in natural lemon juice. This is great as it can combine with other minerals in your toilet bowl to make them easier to remove. This may also help in the removal of tough stains on your toilet bowl that can be caused by hard water residue.

Baking Soda Magic

If you have not really spent some time cleaning your toilet, you may not have experience the power of baking soda yet. Well, this is actually a good option for scouring and deodorizing your toilet bowl. However, it doesn’t have any sanitizing properties. The good thing is that it can keep your toilet free of ugly rings and debris.