It can be tempting to jump in with both feet when undertaking a bathroom refurbishment. What started as a desire to reseal the bath and replace some tiles can quickly spiral into a full on gutting and refit. There’s nothing wrong with that, but if you don’t take the time to think things through the costs can soon mount-up. A really important decision to make is which of the many different types of shower enclosures you’ll choose. It’s important to get this right because the type of enclosure you choose will dictate the layout of the entire bathroom.
Here are three tips to bear in mind.

What’s Your Space Like?

Before you do anything else look at the layout and dimensions of your room. By taking the time to measure up your bathroom accurately and take note of the current layout, including any potential obstacles, such as radiators and windowsills, you’ll be able to narrow down your choice of shower enclosures. If sticking with the current layout your choices will be dictated, but by switching the position of elements such as the bath and toilet you might be able to consider alternative types of shower enclosures.

Shower Enclosure
Shower Enclosure

How Do You Use Your Bathroom?

Yes, obviously you use it to bathe, brush your teeth and all that, but how do you do those things? Do you rush in and out, a fast blast in the shower and you’re good to go or do you prefer to have a leisurely bathing experience? How you use the space on a regular basis will dictate your choices. Are you refitting your main bathroom used day in, day out by the whole family or a small en-suite which you occasionally grab a shower in? The answers to these questions will all have an influence over which of the many shower enclosures you pick.

Draw Up The Layout

Now that you have a handle on the space you’ve got to play with, and you understand how the bathroom is going to be used, it’s time to actually plan out the bathroom. A floor plan will allow you to choose between different layouts, and will help you decide between shower enclosures. Of course your overall space may well mean you have limited options, but in a larger bathroom there are often several different layout choices to be had. Remember that changing your existing layout will require more extensive plumbing work. By following these three tips you should be able to confidently choose between shower enclosures and get the right one for your bathroom.
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