While many of us may not really care about the color of our bedroom, it does affect us every day. Room color can influence our moods and our thoughts, so stop blaming your hormones or bad dreams for waking up grumpy in the morning. The hue of your bedroom might just be the one to blame.

Pick one from these exciting colors that will perk you up every morning.


Blue is known to be a calming color. It is easy on the eyes. It is cool to look at. But for a more striking appeal, don’t just choose any blue. Go for cobalt. It is cool, calm and attractive. Looking at it can feel like diving into the ocean.

Lime Green


Definitely, only for the bold ones, seldom you will see bedrooms in lime green color. But give it a try and you’ll definitely love the result. You don’t have to paint all the walls in this hue. An accent wall in lime green can easily bring your bedroom to life!

Muted Rainbow

Imagine waking up every morning to the color the rainbow. Just keep it a little toned down though by going for the muted hues. Indigo curtains, violet bed sheets, orange, red and yellow pillow covers, green wall accent combined with wonderful textures and patterns and the result is fantabulous!

Orange and White


Orange makes a good accent to a white bedroom. You can use it to accent the headboard wall, beddings, carpet and so on. It can turn any room to lively from dull.

Intense Navy and Red

You don’t need a spacious room to pull this off.  The two colors will beautifully contrast each other. For starters, try painting the wall behind your bed in intense navy blue. And then for your beddings, use intense red. Add some textures and patterns, as well as vary the hue, for your decorative pieces.