Houseplants are among the best embellishments you can in your interior space. They don’t just add greenery inside your house, they can also purify your indoor air, make breathing easier, and help control air moisture.

So, instead of expensive vases and some fancy stuff, why don’t you add household plants to your interior?

Here are 6 indoor household plants that very easy to maintain and make a decorative addition in your home.

  1. Norfolk Island Pine

This survives in a room with ample light and humidity — very easy to maintain, right? The tree can add a cozy feeling to any room and a festive pine scent. You can decorate it for Christmas and create a tiny Christmas tree.

Norfolk Island Pine

  1. Peperomias

These are a diverse family of houseplants with and textured leaves. They may come with a red edge or creamy yellow margin around the leaves. They may also come in purplish color or white-striped leaves. Their waxy and colorful foliage can add color to any room.

  1. Geraniums

This alluring houseplant is perfect for windowsills and kitchen counter. Cinnamon, lemon, lime and rose – just a pinch of its leaves will release a relaxing fragrance at your fingertips.

  1. Grape Ivy

If you want a lush, tidy-hanging basket, Grape Ivy is perfect. This houseplants has a mounding habit, it readily clings to tendrils and stakes, and stay neatly hanging when in a basket. 

  1. Dracaena


Dracaena’s variegated leaves (yellow and green strap-like leaves) can add life into any room. The leaves stand upright, resembling an earless corn stalk.

  1. Dieffenbachia

Bring the feel of the tropics inside your living room with Dieffenbachia. The plant produces cane-like stem with full foliage in a variegated leaves of green and white or sometimes yellow. It grows well in an evenly moist room with low to medium light condition.