A child’s bedroom is their special sanctuary, a place for playing and having sweet dreams tucked up at night. However, children grow up quickly, and as their teenage years advance their bedroom becomes a place for homework, sleepovers, working on their computers and generally having their first foray into independence. This is when that all important makeover from a child’s room to something more suitable for a young adult needs to happen.

Teenagers bedroom
Teenagers bedroom

          Many children have cabin or bunk beds to save space in their bedrooms but, as teenagers seem to be growing taller with every generation, they won’t last long if a sudden growth spurt happens. Most teenagers love to sleep, and need plenty of snooze to help them grow, so invest in a double or king size bed now. This may seem an extravagance but it’ll save buying one just a couple of years down the line. Plus, teenagers (especially girls) love sleepovers, and a big bed will easily fit a couple of girls with onesies on to eat popcorn while gossiping about whichever teacher they don’t like at school!

          Many bed bases now have hidden storage, ideal for shoes, bags and piles of magazines or for storing those few toys they don’t want on show but can’t bear to take out of their room yet. Ensure that a really sturdy mattress is selected, as young spines are very susceptible to strain from lumpy beds. Memory foam is wonderful, as it prevents dips and dents that old fashioned mattresses might have.

          Drawers and wardrobes might need upsizing or, if they’re a good size, upcycling with a fresh lick of paint and new handles. Choose a colour scheme that will age well, and ensure the furniture matches the walls and the bedding. A new lampshade will instantly refresh a room. Replace a cartoon character shade with a bold, fun coloured chandelier to make a real statement. This isn’t just for girls, trendy young men will appreciate a chrome, utilitarian centrepiece, preferably looking like something from a Sci Fi film.

          But what every teenager needs is their own TV. It’ll save arguments and means when friends come to visit the living room won’t end up resembling an informal youth club. Add a DVD player for guaranteed approval, and remember that not only will it be a great gift, but the threat of removal will be great leverage for during those teenage tantrums.