A casino themed party can be a fun way to relax with friends whilst also providing the perfect excuse to dress up not only yourself but also your house. Being able to transform your home for the evening into a casino that wouldn’t look out of place on the Las Vegas strip will definitely impress your guests. Here are five easy steps to follow to ensure that you are hosting the perfect casino themed party for you and your friends:

Activities to keep your guests entertained

There will be no end of activities within a casino theme to keep your guests entertained during the party. With different tables dedicated to different card games, your guests can roam from game to game, deciding which ones they favour. If you’re not willing to invest in an actual slot machine, it might be an idea to encourage your guests to play online with the likes of Slotocash as an alternative game for the evening.

The perfect Las Vegas themed cocktails

Las Vegas, otherwise known as the City of Sin, is the perfect inspiration for a customised cocktail or two for your guests. Taking the time to conceive a unique cocktail, or perhaps just something your guests haven’t had before, will be an exciting way to get them interested in the theme. There are lots of guidelines online to assist you with coming up with different cocktails and it is worth looking around before deciding which you shall be serving your guests.

Party Night
Party Night

Transform your home into a casino

This is where the fun begins! Your home is a blank canvas for the night and can be transformed as much as you like. It’s wise to set a budget in advance of the proceedings so you know how much you can spend on certain aspects. If your budget is on the small side, a cost-effective yet transformative measure can be to use green felt on surfaces. A larger budget might see you investing in renting some casino machines for your guests to play on throughout the evening. There are packs you can purchase online with decorations which will get you started.

Selecting the best music to accompany the evening

Music makes the mood. Whether you’re using an existing collection or want to make a playlist yourself, you need to be sure you’re making the right decision. Do you want some jazz piano to accompany your card games or Pitbull’s latest single to get everybody dancing? Whatever your style, don’t leave the music choices up to chance.

Keep the dress-code classy

Whether you want your party to be fancy dress or just have your guests dressing fancy – a casino theme is ideal. Costume ideas can include a Las Vegas show girl, a croupier, or a Gladiator like Joey from “Friends”. If you’re leaning more towards the fancier option, think cocktail dresses and lots of frosting for the ladies whilst the gents should be in their best suits.