Ever thought about bringing your kitchen outdoor? There is nothing like having a small outdoor kitchen to entertain family and friends in your patio or backyard. Just because you only have a small extra space doesn’t mean you have to give up the idea of fun outdoor entertaining. Creating your own outdoor kitchen can be simple with the help of portable cooking and dining products.


If you seriously want a beautiful and complete outdoor kitchen that can fit your small space, there’s one by Ronda. The kitchen is a combination of a kitchen island, a bar and a storage unit. It is equipped with stainless steel drawers that let you keep beverages and food cool with ice.




There is also LG’s Window that could fit in any patio. This wooden kitchen island is designed with a counter made of stone, making it resistant to both high and low temperatures. It is also equipped with a sink and an induction stove for outdoor cooking. Its eclectic design is perfect for all kinds of settings.


Another great option is Suzette. This compact outdoor kitchen comes completes with a sink, a chopping board, a stove, and a waste bin.

In-VITTO 210

Metalco definitely knows how to make simple but elegant kitchens. For durability, the kitchen is made of steel coated with thermoset polyester powder. It is equipped with stainless steel griddle, gas burners, and a sink. The In-VITTO 210 is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.


A typical outdoor kitchen would include a grill, a counter, some storage space, and possibly a sink or beverage area. They can take a lot of space, but it is now possible to have all these amenities with prefabricated outdoor kitchen. Now, the only thing you need is some free space in the patio or in the backyard.