It is always refreshing to do some practical touches to make your home as convenient as possible and perfect for relaxation. In fact, if you are expecting some guests to your home, you can do some essential modifications to begin with. Here are some of the possible options that you can do.

Space for Unwinding

You can turn your lawn space between the garage and the house into a decompression chamber. This should be perfect for relaxing after a hard day at work. You can do this by adding a sleek stone fireplace and large pavers along the pathway.


Yard Makeover

If you feeling bored about your current lawn setup, you can modify it according to your liking. You can begin by replacing your lawn with golden gravel along with ornamental grass-like deer grass. Accent plants can also be added to the scene such as blue-leaved Weber agave. This can be a perfect option for low-water climate.

Backyard Fireplace

Spending time with family or friends can be so much fun, especially when you are at home. You can set up a relaxed seating area highlighted with a fire bowl, which will also allow the family to spend more time outdoors particularly on cool evenings. Bonding moments can now be made possible at the comfort of your own home.

Dining Under the Trees


Having a huge yard at home should never be taken for granted. In fact, this can be used as an outdoor living area that should feel sheltered and comfortable. Plane trees can be planted here to give a structure for a dining room. The spreading canopies and straight trunks will give the place a comfortable feeling. Aside from providing shade during the day, it can be strung with lights during the night.