Bathrooms can be a place to be disappointed with, especially when there are leaks on the faucet. So, before this can make you lose your temper, it is important to become aware of things that you can do on your own.

Generally, faucet leaks can be fixed by simply getting into the bottom of things. Here are some tips that you can do on your own.

Turn Off Water Supply

Before doing anything, make sure that the water supply has been turned off. This will ensure that any messy outcome can be avoided. Most of all, it can help you suppress unexpected water leaks that should flood your bathroom area.


Check and Replace the Faucet Base

If you think that the base has been causing your leaks, remove the handle by using the screw with a screwdriver. After doing so, you can now use a wrench to remove the base. By doing this, you will be able to replace the defective component.

Find a Replacement and Install

After looking for a replacement, you need to install the new component to get the faucet fixed right away. Make sure that you replace the same component that you have purchased from the hardware store.


Make Sure that Everything Has Been Replaced Accordingly

Use an adjustable wrench when reinstalling the component you purchased from the store. This will ensure that you can tighten up the component in accordance with the needed tightness. Just don’t overtighten the component to avoid breakage of components.

Reopen the Water Supply

If you think that everything has been set up according to specifications, reopen the water supply. Check if there are leaks. If none, then you have installed the component correctly. Otherwise, you need to reinstall the component.