Your outdoor space is more than just an additional aesthetic piece of your home. With the right planning and design, it can also be a place where you can entertain, relax, and spend quality time. One of the essential items you need to transform your outside area into an extension of your home is patio furniture. Here are expert tips on how to choose the best pieces.

List what you need.

This will be based on what the function of your outdoor area will be. If you plan to use it for parties, then invest in comfortable sofa or dining sets. If you want to have a reading nook, look for a cosy couch or rocking chair. You can also look for dual purpose designs, such as a garden bench that can add more seating to a table for get-togethers.


Choose quality and easy-to-care-for items.

Find patio furniture that won’t wear so easily even when exposed to the elements. Some of the most recommended furnishings are those made from metal, cedar, teak, and wicker. They may be more expensive initially, but you are assured to enjoy your outdoor chairs and tables for years to come. Plus, you won’t have to spend so much time and money on repairing or caring for them.

Look for pieces that are quick to store.

In some regions that experience winter, you also have to consider the storage. How much space will it take up in your garage and can you quickly carry and transfer those pieces? There are designs that you can easily fold or take apart when they need to be put away.


Don’t be afraid to experiment with color.

Aside from providing a comfortable place to relax, a red lounge chair can serve as an interesting decorative piece in your garden. But if you want a more generic palette, then use your cushions, rugs, and other accessories instead to play with bolder tints and prints.  Finally, don’t forget to test the outdoor furniture you buy. Sit on it in the store so you know how comfy it really is.