The Majestic Game is the site-specific installation of 160 sqm, consisting of a wall covered with Laminam Black Intense with bright openings punctuated by twelve and thirteen magnetic shields connected to each other by as many tennis balls.

Laminam Expo
Laminam Expo

The impressive work that the artist Luca Pozzi has created for Laminam Expo – the space opened in the company headquarters in Fiorano Modenese -it is an invitation to get into the game on a surreal field, where past, present and future merge, where you can travel at the speed of light and be in multiple places simultaneously.

Starting from the study of particle physics, which combines mathematical analysis and quantum theories, Wells conducts his research between gravity and lightness: the aim of his work is the creation of a single language and a world of their own, combining simplicity and complexity.

Consistent with its scientific approach, the artist proposes a strengthening of the conventional concept of wall and surface, revealing distortions, forces and energies where one would expect a passive, linear and flat demarcation.

The ceramic sheet Lamina and its material is made of the installation, it is conceived and treated as a living, changing and subject to cosmological and subatomic phenomena, normally invisible to ordinary stairs. It can be described as a concept that is above all a challenge: to interpret and visually represent, the language of a Laminam art and philosophy.