Are you planning to have your own space in the home where you can relax and enjoy your “me” time? A man cave is just what you need. It might sound daunting at first but designing your own space is easy with these tips. Here are some ideas to consider when building your own sanctuary.

  1. Location

Does your home have a basement? Perhaps you have a spare room you can convert into a man cave. Or you might want to turn your garage into your special room. First, find an area in the home you can use, whether inside or on your property. If you don’t have one but you have handyman skills, you can also build it from scratch. Determine how much space you need and start from there.


  1. Set-up

The interior can be painted depending on your personality type. If you want a traditional and a formal one, paint the walls with a shade of brown or neutral color and use leather furniture. Go for a recliner for flexibility and comfort. On the other hand, if you want it cool and fancy, you can play with blue and white paints. Of course, you also need to invest in gadgets and electronics. Get LED television you can hang on the wall to save space and add a nice audio and video system. Buy a refrigerator for your drinks during game nights with your mates and if the space is large enough, a pool table will be perfect.

man cave

  1. Flooring

You might want to choose flooring materials that are easy to clean and will go very well with furniture and furnishings. Shy away from carpets and rugs so you need not use a vacuum cleaner to tidy your room up. Moreover, stains from liquid spills can be hard to remove from these flooring types.