Rossana tip on the contract, entering the very luxurious apartments built in the residential complex Parco Vittoria in Milan.


This project is considered as one of the largest urban redevelopment projects carried out in recent decades. It has been designed by architect Guido Canali – having six towers of thirteen floors, two in-line six-story buildings, as well as housing on the ground floor with gardens private.

All apartments came today to their finalization, by having fine finishes and Rossana, for all lots in marketing, studios and apartments is the protagonist in them with the system kitchens HD23.

The extreme versatility shows the high design tempo of his great personality, making this kitchen a piece of perfectly designed furniture in harmony with the spirit of the project: the construction of housing solutions is tailor-made to the highest standard, designed and made by an excellent dedicated team of architects and interior designers.

HD23 thinks and evolves the basic typology of contemporary cuisine offering a product that goes beyond the concept of the kitchen characterized by leaf. It has bases with a low plinth volume, large capacity and the presence of multiple special items. It can be combined to the composition of the bases, giving new meanings and functions, with a high degree of customization.