Does your home need a breath of fresh air? Is your room a blank canvas ready for a dash of color? Are you tired of a lifeless interior? You can never go wrong with plants. They can add just the right amount of hue and interest into any of your rooms. They are organic and clean, and they can even improve the quality of air inside your home! So, if you are planning to revamp your interior, check out these five creative ideas for decorating with houseplants.

Plants on ceramic wall planters

Paintings and portraits are the usual sofa background. So, why not consider transforming your wall into a living and breathing space? You can get a few pieces of those minimal ceramic wall planters and turn plants into a work of art. Orchids, sword fern, peace lily, and wedding wine would make an interesting piece of art.


Succulents on driftwood

Driftwood can be a very interesting decorative piece, and you can make it even more fabulous by filling it with succulents.

Succulents can grow without any soil, but to make sure that they will last long, especially indoors, add some moss and attached these to the wood using floral glue. If you are planning to use this decorative piece as wall or hanging décor, you can glue the succulents on the moss and the wood to keep them from falling.

Plants on benches and tables 

Another way to raise plants from ground level is lining them up on a bench, on a side table, or on shelf. The narrow width of these pieces of furniture won’t take much space but will definitely make an impact.


Plants on tall stands

Potted plants can make bold statement. You can place them on stands of varying heights and arrange them in front of a wall or corner where they can be easily noticed. You can also add some accent lighting to highlight them.