Keeping molds at bay can prove to be challenging, especially in areas susceptible to mold growth, like bathrooms. But don’t worry, here are some nifty tips and tricks to keep your bathroom mold free.

  1. Improve ventilation

Bathrooms tent to collect a lot of moisture, particularly during steamy showers, attracting molds and mildews as a result. To reduce moisture, consider installing a dehumidifying fan in your bath if you don’t have one. The fan will suck excess heat and moisture out, keeping your bathroom moisture-free.

If your bathroom already have dehumidying fan and moisture remains a problem, ensure that the moisture is released outside. Some fans release moisture into the attic; this simply moves the risk of moisture growth to another area of the house and does not really address it.


  1. Open the bathroom window

If your bathroom is designed with a window, try cracking the window open from time to time. And if possible, leave the door open whenever the bathroom is not occupied. This will allow air to freely flow across the bathroom, keeping the air fresh.

  1. Fix leaks

Leaks may seem like a minor issue, but they can lead to moisture problem in your bathroom when left unchecked. It only takes about 24 to 48 hours for the molds to grow ideal condition. The dampness which can result from incursion provides an attractive environment for molds to grow. So, fix any leaky faucet, pipe or bathroom roof as soon as you spot them.


  1. Seal grout

Mold in between tiles are unsightly. Sometimes, no matter how much you brush them and pour detergents on them, they are just so stubborn.

The only way to combat them is to enhance your tile’s ability to combat their growth by sealing grout. This will prevent water from seeping into the grout, keeping mold from growing as a result. Also, this will prevent grout discoloration and keep dirt accumulating between tiles.

  1. Clean regularly

This is the most effective measure against mold. Keeping a scheduled routine for cleaning your bathroom will help you ensure that nothing gets overlooked. It will give you the chance to check for leaks and mold growth. So, make it a habit to clean your bathroom.