With the number of vendors that sell affordable home décor items, furniture and fixtures, beautifying a house need not break the bank. So, there’s no more excuse for not making the effort of upgrading your abode. In fact, you can spruce up a home for under $150. Here are some fantastic ideas:

Add more kitchen storage

Regardless of the size of your kitchen, additional storage will boost its appeal. There should be a few unclaimed walls that can use a few shelves where you can keep extra Chinaware, cookware or utensils. Use decorative brackets to embellish your new shelves.


Try a new paint color

This doesn’t need to be an entire wall. You can repaint the main door, kitchen cabinets, console or other furniture to give any space a fresh new look.

Bring back your floor’s shine

Old wooden floors can lose their luster over time. To refresh the appeal of your living or dining area, consider re-sanding or re-polishing your flooring.


Breathe new life into your main entrance

Dress up your entryway with millwork as this adds character to your home. You can frame your front door and repaint it to give your home’s façade a makeover.

Opt for eye-catching light fixtures

You can go industrial, modern or classic with your lamps and light fixtures. Use LED lighting to make the space soothing and keep your electric bills down. You can also create layers of light by using ambient, accent and task lighting.

Organize your closet

Cut the clutter in your closet by maximizing the space with storage and organization systems. But before you buy anything, measure the space first, and take note of what’s already stored and what else needs to be kept in bins or shelves.


Hire professionals to clean your carpets

Old carpets don’t need to be thrown in trash right away. Check if all it needs is some cleaning. By hiring professionals to clean your carpets, you’re not only getting rid of dirt and allergens, but also giving your floor coverings a new lease on life.