To be a perfect host, one must have a cozy, private space for guests to stay. Not all guest room, however, are exactly that – welcoming. Some are too spacious and lonely in that it makes guest feel separated, some are too cramped in that it makes guest feel uncomfortable. Well, here are some of the essentials for a welcoming guest room.

Comfortable Bed

– There’s nothing more welcoming than a comfy bed, complete with fresh linen, soft pillows and a warm blankets. The room may not look like a luxurious hotel room, but a great bed makes it homey and warm enough for comfort.


Serving Tray

– This makes the guest feel special because it signifies who the host try their best to cater to the needs of the visiting friends. Trays can be a guest’s small snack bar, jewelry and key container, or toiletry shelf.

Reading Materials

– There’s no need for a giant bookshelf, simply place a short stack of good books and a couple of magazines, and perhaps the day’s newspaper, which the guest can browse through when everyone’s up and about their busy day, and they are left in their room for some private time.


Universal Charger

– It sucks when important gadgets have drained batteries and there’s no way of charging them. It’s a good thing to provide your visitor with a universal charger they can use for virtually all sorts of electronics they use.


– Clothes get crumpled or dirty during a trip, and having a handy steamer works great during this time. Oh, and while you’re at it, provide them a clothes rack or hanger set.


– Provide a complete set of toiletries, and place them in the guest room bathroom or inside a box or tray when the bathroom is shared with the rest of the family.



– If the guest intends to stay for many days, provide extra beddings and extra towels to replace used ones. Collect dirty beddings and towels regularly, and try to offer room cleaning if necessary – this is also to personally check the condition of the room and to ensure the guest’s comfort.

There you have it – some essentials for a comfortable room for your guests. Make sure that your extra space at home becomes a little cozy, private place for visitors to stay while visiting your family.