An average- and below-average salaried household do not buy furniture in one go. Many of them can hardly buy personalized furnishings, which are a tad too pricey actually. At any rate, most families try to buy stuff in as they go along and what they can afford at the time being.

Similarly, some find eclectic pieces that are too hard to resist and end up buying furniture that do not go well with the rest of the home items. The result would be a stockpile of household stuff in varying designs. But despite having standout or offset pieces, a well decorated home is one with a unified theme.

So how do we harmonize and unify mish mashed furniture?



The simplest and easiest way is by repainting. If the stuff in your house look chaotic and at odds with each other, then get a pail of paint and redo the finish of your furniture. But what if the finish is still very new and shiny?

Repainting everything is a huge undertaking and gets unnecessarily expensive. The best way is to select a handful of items that you like to standout in a space. Save these items as centerpieces or focal points. As for the rest, repaint them in whites, blacks or other neutral colors to make them easier to harmonize.

If you want non-neutral shades for your furniture surfaces, make sure that your walls, floors and draperies are neutral and compliment the rather psychedelic hues of your furniture items.


Any upholstered items like throw pillows and seats might need a little change. Base on your palette, cover pillows and seats with new pieces of fabrics that go well together. You might also want to give your draperies a facelift, too.


New Accents

For drawers, side tables and chairs to look unified, simply replace handles and accents with a new harmonized set. After repainting the surfaces, attach the new sets of handlebars and accents to the furniture pieces and voila! It becomes difficult to notice they were not really bought in one go or that the other set actually does not have the curves like the rest.