Going the DIY route when decorating your home can up the chances of committing mistakes that can turn all your efforts to waste. To ensure you don’t commit any blunders, you will need to know what these common mistakes of home decorating are. Here are some of them:

Too many photo frames on a console table.

A table has its own purpose. But if you’re putting too many picture frames on top, then it won’t be able to serve its purpose. So, display your favorite pictures in a gallery wall. For the rest of photographs, you can keep them in a scrapbook and photo albums, and then arrange them nicely on a bookshelf.


Neglecting the foyer.

Take advantage of your foyer by making a statement about who and what you are. For one, you can paint or put up wallpaper with a nice pattern to add character to this part of your home. Place a huge mirror to reflect light and make it look bigger.

Choosing tacky themes for your home.

People might think that choosing a design and using it in every aspect in the house is the way to do it. But decorating too much in the same print is not only tacky, but also headache-inducing, not to mention, quite overwhelming. Accents would be more effective in achieving the look you are aiming for. For example, you want to imbibe the feel of the beach in your home, display décor items that reminds you of the ocean, like seashells, corals, etc.


Holding on to old, outdated accessories

Aged décor items and furnishings will not only look off in your modern home, but will also make your house look and feel old. For one, you can update your home by replacing old hardware parts of old cabinets with new ones.

Keeping uncomfortable furniture

Uncomfortable furniture pieces will not only make guests uncomfortable, but will also make any room look uninviting. So, give any space a function and make it as livable as possible.