If you feel like your house is overrun with items your children use, then you are not alone. Fortunately for you, there are ways to have children and a clean house by adopting some smart storage ideas for your children’s room.

  1. Put in some mobile book storage.

If your children like to carry their books all over your house, then you can consider a library wagon or cart for storage. Not only will this serves as a home for their books, but will also speed up your cleaning time.


  1. Build shelves behind the door.

You can use the space on the inside of your children’s closet doors for storing their often-used items. Depending on your needs, you can hang wire shelves or shoe storage organizers.

  1. Use some hooks and pegs.

Being able to capture the vertical space in your children’s rooms is key to maximizing storage. For example, you can hang pegs and hooks in the right places around the room to organise everything from backpacks to coats. It is important to remember to hang these tools at child level.

  1. Install storage under the bed.

A great place to find bonus square footage for storage is under the bed, and you can do this in your children’s room. You can just invest in a few under-the-bed storage drawers and everything will be organized as it should be.


  1. Use your unused spice shelf for book storage.

A spice shelf is no longer just for the kitchen, as you can use it create a neat, easy-to-reach bookshelf for your children. You can leave them as-is or decorate them for a personalised look.

You do not need to get a bigger house to accommodate all of your children’s stuff. With the tips mentioned above, you will be able to organize your children’s clutter easily and cost-effectively. You will have a space that accommodates everything with items well-organized.