What do men really want? Do we hear “man cave”? But what does it actually means? Well, it is a place in your home where your man goes to hang out with his friends, chill or just be a man. It is his haven, where he does not only talk about the things he likes to talk about with his fellows, but also do things that they like without concern. While it may be difficult to design this guy-oriented space, there are tips that you can pick up to make it work as he would like.

  • Work from the outside in.

You should begin with a drawn out plan, while noting the perks and potential problems of the space. Then, take note that man caves tend to have a lot of high-end electronics, so make sure that your man’s is wired sufficiently, so he can place his entertainment anywhere he wants it. Make sure that the room is adequate with the necessities, such as plumbing, heating and cooling before you move furnishings into it.


  • Make sure it is comfortable.

Though your man would want his own chair instead of a couch, he might need extra seating for his friends. You can opt for recliners, which now come in many sizes and designs, so you can find one that would fit the space and its theme. You can even go for a theatre-style seating, which is a perfect item in a cave that is primarily a movie or TV mecca.


  • Choose the right TV set.

The TV is the focal point of a man cave, and you would want to choose one that gives your man the best viewing experience possible. Balance the TV’s size with the distance from the seat and consider the viewing angle as well as the sound system setup.

With these tips, you can make your man’s man cave a haven or even a shrine that he would cherish!