Are you thinking of making some changes to your somehow dark living room, but do not plan on repainting your walls or changing your furniture? Do you have a lot of dark colors in the room, such as dark pillows and drapery, and wish to lighten things up to make the room feel more spacious and look prettier? Well, you should know that you will be able to create a significantly different look for this space by simply changing some of the textiles and other accessories. Here are the elements that you can look into:



If you currently have heavy dark drapery, you can switch to a lighter fabric to soften the feel of your living room. For example, you can add a new full-length drapery that could be a flowing light linen or cotton for a change. You can also consider a feminine or floral pattern to make the room prettier.


You can consider using a piece of vintage fabric to cover your ottoman or chair, and then tuck in the sides to provide it an upholstered look. This will create an easy and simple change to your furnishings.


A rug can create a major change in the room, so you can add in one with a new and lighter colour. Something that has a light shade and a feminine pattern can be a quick solution.


Add in some new throw or toss pillows, but make sure you go with the opposite shade to what you already have to make a big impact. For instance, if you currently have some dark solid colours, you can replace them with those having soft pastels and attractive patterns.


Fresh Flowers

Placing some vases planted with bright and fresh flowers is a quick way to add some colours to a room and make it appealing to the eye.

There you have it. By taking care of these home decoration elements, you will be able to turn your dark living room into a brighter and attractive one!