Bonaldo presented at the Salone del Mobile 2013, over twenty new features, including the Octa table designed by Bartoli Design and inspired by the ancient Chinese game of Shanghai, the table Match Mauro Lipparini, whose rounded lines of the plan meet those geometric legs of Kime by Bartoli Design.


Between the chairs, the Filly by Bartoli Design, available in two different sizes of seat, a version with armrests and a stool, Eral and Del presented the upholstered chairs designed by the Research & Development center Bonaldo.

With regard to upholster Bolando will be presented on Contrast Bed by Alain Gilles, which is characterized by the ability to customize its large head, the bed of Joe Mauro Lipparini, from a simple style with the bed Eureka Giuseppe Viganò.

Between the sofa and the Millau, designed by Giuseppe Viganò which is characterized by a masculine style, and sinua by Mauro Lipparini which offers the ability to mix together different types of coatings and finishes.

At the booth there will also be new variants of products-symbol of the world Bonaldo, such as chairs Venus lounge both by Bartoli Design, Lotus W Swings & Pocci, Big Table by Alain Gilles and the table Prora by Mauro Lipparini, presented with a plan of new finishes.