Moving from a nursery room to a child’s room can be an exciting and daunting prospect. It’s always best to start with what interests your child. Is your little girl a fairy princess who wants everything pink or is your child fascinated with trains and wants them all over his walls. What will work best for you and your child? There are many decisions to be made; firstly you need to decide on the appropriate colours. It’s best to get some input from your child before you go ahead and paint his or her least favourite colour on the walls. Children react to different colours in different ways. The bedroom should be a calm place for sleeping but also a place that stimulates play and learning during the day. If this isn’t complicated enough, there is more to be aware of. It is important that all elements of the room are safe. Nothing too heavy should be placed high up and any furniture or mirrors, which could potentially be hazardous, must have a strong fixture to the wall. Toys or books can be stored away on a low level but they should be accessible for your child.

Boy's bedroom
Boy’s bedroom

Think about storage carefully. Storage is a very important element because it ultimately allows you to keep the room tidy but if placed appropriately your child will benefit from it too, by being able to access his or her toys or books without danger or hassle. When looking at furniture for young infants, it’s best to look at cupboards or wardrobes that have rounded edges. It is much safer if your child falls, since he or she won’t land on a sharp edge. Choosing the right bed can be a tough decision! There are a variety of children’s beds available, from bunkbeds to racing car beds. If your child is still young and prone to falling out of bed, best to get something low to the ground. Bunkbeds can be great if you have two children sharing a room and it also helps to save on space, allowing more room for other furniture or storage.

Girl's bedroom
Girl’s bedroom

Children’s rooms don’t need to be messy. Choose the correct storage and furniture and you will be able to not only have a tidy room but one that accentuates all the right areas, giving better space and productivity for your child. For more inspiration, take a look at some of the examples on Pinterest.