Tired of a boring and cluttered bathroom? There are easy and inexpensive ways to turn this part of your home into a serene and functional space with these bathroom makeover tips.

Put a sink skirt to hide the pipes. If you have a sink attached to the wall with the drain pipe exposed, you can repurpose an old bed sheet and turn it into a sink skirt. By measuring the width and length that need to be covered, trim the cloth and attach it to the sink. You can even get a storage basket with wheels and put it under the sink. This is a great storage space to keep your toilet paper rolls and towels handy.



Repurpose your nightstand. For additional storage near the tub, a nightstand that you are not using anymore or one that can be bought from garage sales is an ideal choice. You can opt to paint it according to the theme of your bathroom. Organizing your toiletries will solve the clutter problem in a bathroom with small space.

Make use of a fruit basket. If your bathtub does not have ledges on the sides to for your shampoo containers and other items you need, a multi-level fruit basket you can find in the home improvement store can be hooked to the ceiling within arms’ reach so you can organize your bath products neatly.

Use drawers for your beauty products and accessories. Do you put on makeup inside the bathroom and keep your beauty products there as well? If so, you can use a mini drawer with compartments to separate your cosmetics like blushes, brushes and lipsticks.

Use pastel hues to paint the walls. To add serenity and a tranquil ambience in the bathroom, you can repaint the walls with soft and cool colors like teal or light blue.


Simple bathroom makeovers do not have to put a dent in your bank account. With these tips and tricks, your bathroom will be as beautiful and functional as it should be.