Have you look at your bedroom and felt the urge to decorate it back to life but was so overwhelmed of where to start and how to bring everything together without sending yourself to the poor house? Do you lack the creative mind for interior design? Have you left your bedroom empty, lifeless and boring for way too long?

Well, read on for some design ideas and inspiration that will turn your bedroom from wry to wow.

Start with a Wall

Boring, empty wall – exactly one of the reasons why a bedroom can look and feel boring. It can stick out like sore thumb in your room. So, what to do? Here are some pretty good ideas that will definitely turn that boring wall into a surface that turns heads!


  • Paint it bold! Yes, adding a bold paint is one of the easiest ways to turn a lifeless wall into a WHOA. Red, orange, dark blue or black, choose your favorite!
  • Try some DIY wall art. You can never go wrong with wall art. It can give any life to any wall. Plus, it makes a good conversation starter. What’s even more exciting is you taking control over your walls with a bold DIY wall art project.
  • Consider patterns. Wallpapers are great, but if you’re short on budget and you think you might enjoy the sensation of sponging on some colors and shapes on  you wall, then roll up yourselves and paint some patterns on that boring wall. This will not only save you money but also gives you unlimited options for customization.

Highlight the headboard

A great looking headboard can turn even the plainest bedroom into something special. Here are some great ideas you can try:


  • Shelves and cubbies headboard. There’s nothing having your favorite books, pictures and stuff within in easy rich!
  • Salvaged door headboard. Now that’s a good idea to recycle an old hardwood door.
  • Picture frame headboard. This is very simple and affordable and you can have this DIY. Just get some decorative molding from a home improvement store, and then screw the molding to a fabric-covered word panel the size that fits your bed. And to complete the design, attached a framed picture or painting over the headboard.
  • Art headboard. Canvas painting or wall art, anything that allows you to express your creativity makes a good headboard idea.