There are numerous ways to convert your garage into an extra space that is functional and practical. With creativity and some alterations, you can transform your garage into a playroom for the kids. Here are some garage conversion ideas for a safe and nice space for your children.


For safety, it is best to install a thick carpet for the flooring or one of those colorful rubber mats. These flooring materials will keep kids from getting hurt in case they slip   while running or walking. However, you will need to call a carpet installer if you will go for this type of material. As for mats, they are also perfect to use because of the vibrant to colors to choose from which are pleasing to the eyes. Moreover, they are easy to install compared to carpets.



Kids have lots of toys and you will need to have room for their toys and the old garage stuff you might want to keep. If you will be using cabinets for storage that are tall, see to it that they are screwed or bolted to the wall to avoid accidents. Having storage space not only keeps the floor free from clutter but also teaches children to be organized by letting them put their toys inside after playing.


Bold and vibrant colors will add life and warmth in the playroom. There are many ideas to find in the internet on what colors to choose. You can also paint the wall with your children’s favorite cartoon characters if you want to.



Throw pillows, cushions and bean bags are great pieces for the playroom. There are many items you can find on sale from furniture shops and warehouses. You might also want to have framed pictures on the wall like photographs of the kids and family to add to its appeal.

Of course, don’t forget having good ventilation inside and ensure the garage gates are kept closed at all times. And for the entry to the main house, see to it that you add a safety gate if there are steps to the entrance. Turning you garage into a playroom is easy if you know what to do.