If you are looking for a way to de-stress at home after a long day at work, creating your own miniature Zen garden might just do the trick. With just sand, some stones, a rake or fork and a box, you can have a relaxing spot in the home that will help you relieve stress.

Here are some benefits of a Zen garden:

  1. Inexpensive.

Zen gardens, particularly miniature ones need not put a dent in your bank account. With some DIY skills and items you can buy or might have at home, you can have a simple Zen garden. But if you have a budget for this home improvement project, you can also get the services of a landscaper. In a box or container, place sand and stones of different sizes. You can also add trinkets like sea shells or item. Use a small rake or fork to create ripples.


  1. Flexible.

Depending on your preference and available space, you can set up your garden almost anywhere in the house.  You can opt to have a miniature Zen garden to create a relaxing atmosphere in a corner of your bedroom or create a rock garden in your backyard.

  1. Relaxing.



Perhaps, this is the best benefit of having a Zen garden even on top of your desk. The simplicity and arrangement of the elements of the garden are enough to relieve stress after a tiring day at work. And for one that can be found outside your home, this makes for an effective meditation space, your haven where you can be one with nature and spend quiet time alone.

Zen gardens, whether in your own yard or inside the home have numerous benefits. Aside from its low cost, flexibility and relaxing effect, it also adds beauty to the home. It represents simplicity and asymmetry, two reminders that life can be simple and may have irregularities but can still be beautiful.