Fashion is not the only thing that evolves. Home design too! This 2016, interior designers and decorators are up to something new and beautiful. House sift through the discussions and data posted by their members and found a number of materials, strategies and concepts to most home this year. Here are some of them:

Two-tone kitchen cabinets

Matching colors are still in, but two-tone cabinets will be a trend. So now you can go white or neutral for your upper cabinets, and then play with various wood tones and colors for the lower cabinets.


Outdoor fabric for indoor used

Do you often made the blunder of using outdoor fabric indoor? No need to feel ashamed. Many homeowners are bringing them inside too. Their durability makes them ideal to use for furniture in high-traffic areas such as the living room and dining room.

Extra-large format porcelain tiles

They have been making appearances in the kitchen and the bathroom, and now they’re about to conquer the living room, and for a reason. These tiles offer the look and feel of natural stone at a cheaper price.

Workhorse islands

Providing additional workspace, deep storage, prep sink and room for seating, workhorse islances are sure to replace kitchen islands.

Off-tech living rooms

Technology has encroached in practically every aspect of our lives. It is everywhere in the house these days, from living room to the bedroom. But this year, we’re going to see a revolution: living rooms without any technology, not even TV or iPad.


Almost empty kitchens

With integrated kitchen appliances and wall cabinetry growing popular, kitchens are becoming more airy and spacious with very little stuff and clutter.


A sunroom is a luxury, but the price is not going to hinder many homeowners from having one. They’ll soon find a way to create out sun-drenched corners in their homes.