We are in danger of losing our planet if we continue doing the things that harm it. While we can’t be superheroes to force major industries to perform eco-friendly measures overnight, you can do your own share by starting at home.

The garden is one of the best places to start your conscious effort towards a step to saving Mother Earth. Even just creating a compost pit where your biodegradable trash can turn into fertilizer is already a big move towards a sustainable lifestyle. Here are more ideas that you can try on your garden.

Outdoor solar lighting

Stop using the main lines to power your outdoor area at night. These days, you can purchase little foot lights that absorbs sunlight into their rechargeable batteries so that you can automatically have light once the sun sets. There are even light posts in vintage designs that you can put up so that going to your house will feel like a walk through the park.


Plastic bottles as garden towers

Plastic bottle turned into plant pots may be a common thing, but have you heard about garden towers made from these containers? They’re essentially soil-filled plastic bottles stacked on top of another with the topmost one filled with water. The drip irrigation system essentially keeps the soil moist, making it ideal for plants to grow. Cut a letter “U” on each bottle to have a little window where you can insert your seeds or seedlings. This idea is great to have in small-spaced lots. It’s also perfect in places where water and fertile soil are scarce.

Garden furniture from upcycled materials


Don’t throw away your furniture that has lost its beauty to be in your house. You can repair them, paint them and even redesign them to serve as your outdoor furnishing. You’ll be surprised how you can turn old bathtubs into garden sofas. You can even stack old tires to create couches for your patio.

Having an eco-friendly property doesn’t mean you’ll have to let go of the aesthetic aspects you want in your garden. Even when you’re stocking reclaimed wood, you can turn them into magnificent patio decors and even practical risers for your little plants.