Choosing a conservatory company that perfectly suits your needs can be a real dilemma in a saturated market. What’s more, if you happen to make an unfortunate choice, you can expect negative consequences on your project and on your budget.


Conservatory companies: big firms vs. independent and local

Between independent and larger firms, there isn’t really a clear cut choice to be made. It all depends on your project’s needs and on the specialities of a given company.

Larger firms tend to have a tighter fabrication process and a larger range of experiences in terms of project planning. They can also be certified in many areas giving prospective customers a reassuring overview of their skills. Generally speaking, their materials are produced on a larger industrial scale so prices are also much more competitive. Depending on your budget and the size of your conservatory project, this can evidently play a big part.

On the other hand, while it may not able to compete with the fast delivery times and lower prices, a local, independent firm will often be more approachable and typically offer more bespoke solutions too.

Supply and build or DIY supplies only conservatory

The initial quote is one of the most important factors when choosing a conservatory company.

DIY supplies only conservatories – or kit conservatories – seem much less expensive on paper at the beginning. However, it would be a mistake to omit the costs of preparing the site and all the subsequent labour and materials.

Unless you know what you are getting into, it’s usually best to rely on a professional team that will also deal with all the paperwork and any planning and building regulation issues. A local company might get around this side of things better as they will be easier to reach when needed.

How to choose based on a quote

To effectively compare quotes from different firms, the materials used for your conservatory project need to be of a similar nature. Top-end materials will certainly inflate prices but they might save you money in the long run thanks to their energy efficiency: better materials will improve heat retention in the conservatory and lower energy bills.

Perhaps, more importantly than having to choose between a national or local firm, a true conservatory specialist will deal with energy sufficiency and proper insulation with first-rate knowledge and skills.

First steps

Constructing the conservatory base with a concrete mix is the first major operation. It will be crucial to look out for proper insulation of the base right off the start. Walls can then be erected and measures taken by the company. When the conservatory is finally built, don’t forget to test its insulation: it’s a good way to ensure all the work has been done correctly.

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