Shining lights: the new lamp Hand Made

Aug 6, 2013 by

With the lamp Hand Made, signed by Sandro Santantonio Design, for the first time the company Lucente experiences the use of fiberglass with material eco-friendly lightweight and durable, to give life to a collection of lamps that points to the great Italian craftsmanship and the mastery of the “handmade”. Presented at Euroluce 2013 Hand Made is based on the idea of simplicity and purity of form, inspired by the “organic,” made a great impact thanks to its generous proportions: 60 cm diameter x 54/58 (ottoman) cm in height.

Hand Made

Hand Made

Hand Made for outdoor plays on the transparency of fiberglass it is available in two versions: closed and suspended from the ground which can also be used as an ottoman bright.

The lamp is also available for indoor applications: in an elegant open version, hand-painted in black or matt black finish on the outside and inside in gold leaf with white or matt silver foil on the outside and inside.

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